2021 Sand Season

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Summer Session

May 11th - July 15th

Cost: $500 per athlete

Includes: Coach Fee, Tank top, Towel, Court Rental, Admin Fee


Friday Night Lights registration will be held on site at the Apex Sand Box. You must sign up with a partner.

Next Level will host Youth Friday Night Lights tournaments that will be held on Fridays for 16u, 18u, and HS Boys divisions on the following dates. Check in for 16u is at 5pm and play begins at 5:45pm, check in for 18u & Boys is at 6:30pm and play begins at 7:15 pm.

May 14th

May 28th

June 11th

June 25th

July 16th

We are also offering Youth Friday Night Lights tournaments that will be held on Saturdays for 12u, 14u , and MS Boys divisions on the following dates. Check in for 14u is at 4pm and play begins at 4:45pm, check in for 12u  is at 6pm and play begins at 6:45pm.

May 15th

May 29th

June 12th

June 26th

July 17th


Training Groups: (Girls and Boys):


14 & Under: 6:00-7:30pm

15 & Up: 7:30-9:00pm


Players can choose their own partners or register as an individual. Players that come in as individuals can choose their partners within their training group according to their weekend availability during season. We highly encourage athletes to register as individuals. All athletes will train in groups according to age. Coaches will help find partners when needed, but it is up to the athlete to secure a partner and register their team for each tournament.


Beach Rules

Beach is very unique. Below are a few rules.
-The team that is scoring the game is also the team that is officiating the game. Players from other teams, the teams playing, coaches or parents cannot call the game or coach from the sidelines.
-Spectators or coaches may yell things like; Good job, move your feet, talk, you’ve got this but they cannot give instructions such as how to hit, when to pass, who to serve and etc.
-Over hand setting is allowed but it is extremely hard in the sand. If a player is not
completely squared up (body facing) where the ball is going to go, then it is considered a double. We are encouraging players to get really good at forearm setting the ball.
-Open hand receiving is not allowed. Hands must be together.
-A hard-driven hit may be taken with open hands
-Each team has two-time outs to use during a set, as well as, a technical time out. Only
players can call their own time outs. Coaches and parents cannot.

Apex Sand Box
We love having families at the Apex Sand Box for FNL. If young children come with you please be sure to keep a close eye on them.
-We recommend children do not play on the back side of the Apex out of sight.
-We recommend children are closely watched while playing on the dirt and sand
-We ask that people (including children) do not linger in Premier West. Please use
the restroom and return to the sand box.
-Please help us with trash by placing your trash in the trash cans around the sand box.

Sun Country regional Tournaments