3rd-6th Grade Kids League Tuesday & Thursday Nights 

Dates: May 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd

Times: 6:00-8:00pm

Cost: $125

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Kids League…Each player will be placed on a team, with no more than 7 players, according to their skill level and every player will get to play. Games are played 4v4 to ensure each player is learning every skill and getting lots of court time. The first session is practice only, then the next four sessions we practice the first hour and play matches for the second hour. The final session is a quick warm up and then we will have a tournament where the winners take home a medal!

Kids League is definitely our most popular kids program.  This program is designed to give players the opportunity to play volleyball in a league setting without the overwhelming environment that sometimes comes with playing competitive sports.

Players are put into two groups: 3rd & 4th grade, and 5th & 6th/7th grade.  Each group has their own court and their own set of coaches to provide the attention each child needs.  This makes the coach to player ratio only 1:7. During practice time, players will be taught basic volleyball skills such as, passing, serving, setting and hitting. During the league, players will learn basic volleyball skills and have the opportunity to compete in games. Players will be divided into teams and there is no travel involved. All practices and games will be played at the Apex Event Center. Contact Natasha Campbell for more information at

During our game time, when it’s time to put all the skills together, our Next Level coaches will emphasize to each player the importance of setting the ball up and provide instruction on how to accomplish it.  At Next Level, we believe that teaching players the correct way to play the game of volleyball is very important to their success later on. Our Next Level Advisory Staff has put their heads together to come up with a fun and challenging way for players and teams to learn how to play the game of volleyball.  By tweaking the way we keep score and emphasizing the importance of getting three touches each time, players are sure to learn quickly, gain confidence and fall in love with the game of volleyball in no time!